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Flight of innovation.

Welcome to the TBO Software Development Centre, where the spirit of travel meets the world of technology in a dynamic and inspiring environment. At Via Design, we’ve transformed this space into a vibrant hub of creativity and collaboration, tailored to the needs of TBO’s young and talented workforce.
Our design concept is inspired by the joy and excitement of travel, reflecting TBO’s role as a provider of software solutions for the travel industry. From playful patterns and bold colors to quirky installations and cozy breakout areas, every corner of the office exudes a sense of adventure and discovery.
The design solution goes beyond aesthetics by creating a space that supports the unique needs of young coders who work long hours on challenging coding assignments. Ergonomic workstations, adjustable seating, and ample natural light ensure comfort and well-being, while the shared social space serves as a lively reception cum collaborative area where ideas take flight.

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