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Heavy Metal

The client is a leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals specializing in metal protection solutions. This 10,000 sq.ft. office, reflects the management’s commitment quality that lies at the heart of their business success. Drawing inspiration from the dark metals, oils, and processes inherent to their industry, the design features a material palette that is both rich and modern. Deep, dark flooring and veneers create a grounded and sophisticated base, while polished chrome finishes on partitions and other elements add a touch of contemporary elegance.

The layout fosters a collaborative and flexible work environment. Open-plan areas with height-adjustable workstations encourage interaction and team-based work, while enclosed cabins offer focused workspaces for privacy and concentration. Dedicated conference rooms facilitate meetings of all sizes, and a social hub with a cafe and lounge area serves as a space for relaxation, informal gatherings, and idea-sharing.

Art plays a significant role in the design, carefully selected pieces integrated throughout the space that echo the industrial theme while adding a touch of visual intrigue and inspiration.