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The Buzz of a Unicorn

Zomato’s decision to move to a new office spread over three floors was spurred by its dramatic growth and the need to accommodate its ever growing teams. The move was planned in double quick time and on shoestring budgets. In true start up style, lengthy planning and presentation cycles were abandoned in favour of quick meetings between the designers and the Zomato teams wherein pencil sketches and ideas were traded to arrive at finalized design from scratch levels in less than a weeks’ time!

Signature elements of the workspace are the open plan workstations themselves. Shorn of any partitions & screens, the workstations serve as collaborative work + meeting spaces for small & immediate teams rather than personal habitats and sanctuaries for secluded workers. And yes, exciting breakout spaces abound with easy living spaces, communal kitchens and forum spaces that create the unmistakable buzz of a unicorn.